sci rev enlight homework - HIST 102: Western Civ Scientific

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HIST 102: Western Civ Scientific Revolution/Enlightenment Homework 1. Describe Ptolemaic Cosmology. Why did the Ptolemaic system fit so well with Christian thought and beliefs? Ptolemy stated that the earth was the center of the universe, and the sun, stars orbiting around it. The Ptolemaic system fit well with the expectation where the God and the saved souls resided on one end of the universe with humans on the other. 2. How did Copernicus, Kepler, and Galileo each undermine Ptolemy? Copernicus argued that the earth was only one of several plants that orbited the sun, the earth is quite small unimportant. Kepler published Mysteries of the Cosmos , which was based on Copernicus, and the New Astronomy explains that planetary orbits are ellipses. Galileo used telescope to identify shadows on the moon’s surface, and he published The Starry Messenger to explained this observation that Jupiter had four satellites, and he explained that there were far more stars in the sky than had been previously observed and that they were much further away than was once thought. 3. Why did the Inquisition denounce Galileo? Why not Copernicus or Kepler? Because Galileo used the telescope to proved Copernicus and kepler’s idea, he went to Rome several times in order to persuade papacy to give him the freedom of publicizing Heliocentric universe. And he defended and taught Copernicus’s theory which was violated Church. 4. What were the implications of Newton’s universal law of gravitation?
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The implications of Newton’s Universal law of gravitation were enormous. Newton demonstrated that one universal law, mathematically proved, could explain all motion in
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sci rev enlight homework - HIST 102: Western Civ Scientific

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