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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE Department of Electrical Engineering FALL 2011 EE215-STOCHASTIC PROCESSES HOMEWORK 1 SOLUTIONS Problem: You are traveling on a highway with constant speed. The highway is so unpopular that with probability 0 . 5, you will not see a single car coming toward you for an hour. What is the probability that you will see at least one car coming toward you in the next 3 hours?
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Unformatted text preview: Hint: This question is really about sequential experiments. Solution: One can break the experiment into three repeated trials of the same experiment whose success (or failure) probability is given as p = 0 . 5. What is being asked is nothing but P [ { FFF } c ], where F represents failure. But that can be calculated as P [ { FFF } c ] = 1-P [ { FFF } ] = 1-p 3 = 0 . 875 . 1...
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