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Reading Assigment 1

Reading Assigment 1 - CSC 155 Section 03PR Reading...

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CSC 155 Section 03PR Reading Assignment-1 Barbara Morgan Reading Assignment #1 True/ False Questions 1. If all computers stopped working, people would use their phones much more to get necessary information. True 2. Because it can be programed to perform various tasks, the PC is a general- purpose tool, not a specialized device with one use. True 3. One of the first computers held the Allies crack Nazi codes during World War II. True 4. According to Moore’s Law, the power of a silicon chip of the same price would double about every eight years for at least 100 years. True 5. A smart phone is a pocket-sized digital computer that can also be used as a phone. True 6. A microcomputer is a smart phone or PDA – any computer small enough to fit in your pocket. False 7. A netbook is a small notebook computer designed to mostly for internet access. True 8. About 30 percent of the world’s microprocessors are hidden inside common household and electronic devices. True 9. Only about half of the world’s countries have internet connectivity.
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