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ReadingAssignment1 - Type the questions in Arial font and...

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CSC-155 Section 03PR Reading Assignment – 1 Due Tuesday 9/15/2011 Read chapter-1 from the text Tomorrow’s Technology and You. You will create a Microsoft word document that will answer questions on page 31 and 32 of the text. In your word document type out the first 10 True False questions and answer the questions true or false. Make the Font of the question Arial with size 12 point. Make the answer the same font and size but in bold type. In the same word document type out and answer Review Questions 1,2,5,7, and 9.
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Unformatted text preview: Type the questions in Arial font and 12 point size and the answer in Arial font and 14 point size. Answer Discussion Questions 1, and 3. Type the questions in Arial font and 12 point size. Type the answers in Times new Roman font point size 14. Make sure at the top of your assignment you put your name and reading assignment 1. Send you completed word document to me in an e-mail attachment to e-mail address [email protected] . Make the subject of the e-mail, Reading assignment 1....
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