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CSC- 155 03PR Reading Assignment 2 True/ False 1. For a computer to add two numbers the first must be converted to Unicode. True 2. A simple on/off switch can store exactly two bits of information. True 3. The data processed by digital computers is made up of discrete units, or digits. True 4. The contents of RAM cannot be changed. False 5. If a processor is backward compatible with another older processor, it can run older programs written for that processor. True 6. A gigabyte (GB) is ten times as big as a megabyte (MB). False 7. The information stored in RAM is nothing more than a pattern of electrical current flowing through microscopic circuits in silicon chips. True 8. Benchmark tests are used to determine CPU clock speed, which is the most accurate measure of a CPU’s performance. True 9. Slots and ports make it possible for the CPU to communicate with the outside world through peripherals. True 10. The access time for most memory is faster than the access time for a typical hard
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CSC_155_Reading_Assignment_2[1] - Copy - CSC 155 03PR...

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