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Ch 3-3 - III Genetics and Behavior A Chromosomes>>>...

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Chapter 3-3 Biological Foundations of Behavior I. Endocrine System hormones A. Endocrine glands 1. Pituitary gland 2. Adrenal glands 3. Pancreas 4. Ovaries/Testes B. How nervous and endocrine systems work together II. Brain Damage, Plasticity and Repair A. Collateral Sprouting B. Substitution of Function C. Neurogenesis D. Brain Tissue Implants Stem Cell Research
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Unformatted text preview: III. Genetics and Behavior A. Chromosomes >>> DNA >>> Genes B. Dominant-Recessive genes Principle C. Genotype v. Phenotype D. Polygenic Inheritance E. The Human Genome Project F. Behavioral Genetics 1. Molecular Genetics 2. Selective Breeding Eugenics 3. Twin Studies IV. Biological Foundations and Health/Wellness...
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