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Research Paper Assignment Each student is required to write and present a research paper, focusing on one or more EXPERIMENTAL research articles. Your experimental research article(s) must include sections for ‘Subjects’ (or ‘Participants’); ‘Methods’ (or ‘Procedures’); and Results. It must be a published study, in which the authors actually conducted research (not simply a research review of OTHER studies). You may choose to use two or three related experimental articles, or you may focus on one experimental article in more depth. Although the focus of your paper should be the experimental article(s), you may use other, non-experimental articles to help introduce your topic and provide general information. Your paper MUST BE FIVE TYPED PAGES (this does not include the Reference page), and can be organized as follows: Page 1 (Introduction): Your introduction should include a description of the topic. It may include general background information, why you chose your topic, why the topic is
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