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an orwellian perspective - Julian Neri English 1010-03...

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Julian Neri English 1010-03 Paper 2: Draft September 30, 2008 An Orwellian Perspective “Modern writing consists in gumming together long strips of words which have already been set in order by someone else, and making the results presentable by sheer humbug.” – George Orwell This author has several writing habits that appear consistently throughout each piece of work. These habits derive from subconscious “hacking” from modern use of the language. Of course, the habits also define the writer’s style, so it is important to only critique the habits that are taken from other sources and used as shortcuts. One example of this is the repeated phrase, “Utilizes the novel to…” or “utilizes the medium…” The author does this because the phrase is groomed and sounds intelligent. However, it is only a shortcut around the use of different phrases that are alien to his normal writing habits. The phrase “utilizes the medium to the fullest extent” sounds good, but is clearly a rehearsed piece of writing; a product of another’s work. It becomes clear that our writing, just like many other art forms, is inevitably influenced by the work before it, and that there is no way to avoid it completely. An important part of a well-written essay is efficiency. Words that describe something in less breath and better flow should replace ones that are longer. The author makes this mistake in the first sentence of his “Assimilation” paper, when he writes the elaborate phrase, “voices were eager to reverberate through the ears of society.” Certainly detailed, but not at all practical or efficient. In the response to “A Modest Proposal”, the author writes another unnecessary and jumbled phrase with, “he sticks with the facts and the objective advantages of this strategy.” This is an example both of
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an orwellian perspective - Julian Neri English 1010-03...

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