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Celeste Dupont’s Essay Julian Neri English 1010-003 October 8, 2008 This paper uses Orwell’s criticism of politics and writing to dissect a speech by John McCain. The author also discusses satire and the relation it has to the modern day politics of McCain. The author outlines quotes from Orwell’s essay, laying out the general guidelines to help prevent error in writing. Then, through examples of McCain’s speech, the author proves that it is possible to dissect the writings of another person using Orwell’s guidelines. The intention of this paper is to prove that Orwell’s essay can still be applied to written work today, and that all writing can be put under this sort of inspection. Swift is brought in to show that previously written satire sill applies to modern day issues. This topic can be a paper in itself, but it is discussed for a good part of the essay. The next step may be to use more examples of McCain’s speech and to possibly
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Unformatted text preview: relate it to another satirist, such as George Carlin. If not another satirist, the author could just expand on the points already made and use more examples with Orwell’s argument. At this point, the essay seems to be split into two papers because the first half is written about Orwell and the second half is Swift’s satire. The Swift section might be integrated more into the paper when more of McCain’s words are dissected. The author already pointed out every rule from Orwell’s essay, so an example for each of these rules would make the essay stronger. By using more quotes from McCain’s speech, it will help to fully prove that politicians still use these meaningless phrases. This will certainly prove how true Orwell’s words are, and add to the already persuasive effect of this essay....
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