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Eating Poetry Explication: By Julian Neri Style: "Eating Poetry" appears very structured and uniform. It consists of six stanzas, each containing three lines. Most of the lines are simple sentences with a subject, verb, and period at the end. An obvious element in Strand’s “Eating Poetry” is the surrealism that takes over the poem. As a twentieth-century artistic movement, surrealism is an attempt to express what the subconscious mind is thinking and how it works as opposed to the realities that we experience in the conscious mind. One way to grasp the nuances of what is "surreal" is to think about what dreams are like. From the outset of “Eating Poetry,” the scene is peculiar, and it builds toward an even stranger, extraordinary climax at the end. The first line has us picture a man with ink running from his mouth. The happiness that he is experiencing is coming from the poetry which he is eating. The fourth line introduces a second character, a librarian, in the poem.
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