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Julian Neri English 1010-003 Final Exam December 12, 2008 Summary: My paper discusses how the Internet could potentially be a very powerful panopticon if the Government or another central figure were to take complete control of it. I explain how recent legislation like the Patriot Act has allowed the Government more freedom in accessing citizen’s private information, and I give examples of how some systems already in place are panoptic. Then I explain how small institutions like schools, libraries, and marketing companies use the Internet and how they fit Foucalt’s theory of panopticism. By tying the Government panopticons to one involving the Internet, I show how the Internet can be a worldwide panoptic institution. Drafts: The first draft included the main examples of Government panopticons and I used a good amount of quotes, but there weren’t transitions or connections between the examples. So for the final draft of the seven page paper, I used more of my own thoughts to construct the paper and put the paragraphs in better order. I ended up putting already
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