Mad Girls Love Song PLATh

Mad Girls Love Song PLATh - is unsure if she actually knows...

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Julian Neri Mrs. Drugge AP English 12 2/27/08 “Mad Girl’s Love Song” by Sylvia Plath In “Mad Girl’s Love Song”, Plath describes how she must be insane. The villanelle form provides a solid ground for repetition and crescendo. Plath introduces a feeling of depression and insanity very early in the poem. She thinks about her relationship and says it is so good she cannot believe it is real. Plath says that she shuts her eyes and “all the world drops dead/[She] lifts her lids and all is born again.”, to demonstrate how easy it is to destroy the world, or commit suicide. In the third stanza, Plath longs for his touch and dreams of being with him someday, showing that what she wants is not in her possession. Time progresses even further until the fifth stanza, where she admitted that she forgets his name which shows some kind of deterioration of mental health. The narrator
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Unformatted text preview: is unsure if she actually knows this man or is simply dreaming of him. At the point that the narrator is at the conclusion of the poem, the man may as well just be a fantasy. It was more of an idealism than reality. The final stanza concludes that there is no sign of his return and no cycle of events that she has to rely on, like a thunderbird. Plath is known to have entered herself in a mental institution during her college years, which explains the use of the line “I think I made you up inside my head”. Her reference to the world disappearing in the first line is quite possibly connected to her suicide attempts. Plath wishes that she could get over the pain of him leaving and not returning. This villanelle brings out strong feelings of depression and the power of time over the human mind. It is sad that her once love is now merely a fantasy....
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Mad Girls Love Song PLATh - is unsure if she actually knows...

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