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Mike Passamano’s Essay

Mike Passamano’s Essay - of Orwell’s...

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Mike Passamano’s Essay Julian Neri English 1010-003 October 8, 2008 This paper focuses on certain aspects of Orwell’s argument, such as how language becomes ugly because one’s thoughts are foolish, and explains how politician’s dress up their words. There is a lot of opinion about McCain’s policy on energy opposed to the critiquing of McCain’s words through the terms laid out in Orwell’s essay. The focus, therefore, seems to be more on the slovenliness of McCain’s proposal than any of the other points discussed by Orwell. The author also points out how McCain uses generalities in his proposal to avoid conflict, as do many politicians. There are several times when satire is mentioned in the essay but no examples are given. An obvious direction to go when talking about satire is to introduce Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”, and compare it to the words of McCain. Additionally, the discussion
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Unformatted text preview: of Orwell’s criticism of the English language is limited. The author can expand the paper by possibly bringing in different guidelines set out in Orwell’s essay and pick out pieces of McCain’s speech which correspond to them. If the purpose of the essay is to focus only on the generalities of politicians and the way that they dress up words, then mentioning other satirists, such as George Carlin, will open up different paths and allow greater criticism of McCain’s words. Also, the purpose of the paper might be clearer if some of the opinion is cut down. There are many guidelines of the English language from Orwell’s essay, and this paper might have more purpose if several more of those topics are discussed, while retaining the main point that McCain’s words are very general and showy....
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