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Sex Without Love OLDS - the activity and they only think...

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Julian Neri Mrs. Drugge AP English Per. 2 March 3, 2008 “Sex Without Love” – Sharon Olds 1. Her question is to the people who can go through the act of intercourse without having feelings of genuine love for one another. She cannot understand how such an act is possible because making love requires love, but sex without it is just a vile and disgusting act, more of an activity than a gesture of affection. 2. There is a metaphor used by Olds which includes a runner in a marathon. This gives the reader a sense that the sex is a selfish act and not a “team effort.” They are alone in
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Unformatted text preview: the activity and they only think about themselves getting to the finish, which gives them a sense of accomplishment. 3. Olds uses imagery which is normally romantic, artistic, and beautiful, but gives them a negative spin. She compares the partners to ice skaters, who are hooked inside each others bodies. This cold sweat is not pleasurable as she continues to describe their cheeks as wine red and bloody like a steak. While and fine foods are romantic, they give the reader a feeling of disgust and disease....
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