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The HOllow Men - positive energy The positive things are...

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Julian Neri AP English Per. 2 March 5, 2008 “The Hollow Men” – T.S. Elliot 1. The stone images in Part III may represent the modern man who is corrupt and empty. These men are soulless, simply statues resembling a man but bearing no spiritual substance. 2. The landscape in both part III and part IV is a dead and arid land which is inhabited by only dead people. This land is described as Death’s Kingdom. In part IV the landscape transforms into an even more deadly scene, as the hollow men are in the valley of the shadow of death. 3. “the Shadow” is an ever-lurking fear over the men. This fear concentrates the valley of the shadow of death into a shape of horror. 4. The direct eyes are those who represent something positive, or someone who is of
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Unformatted text preview: positive energy. The positive things are only seen by the hollow men through indirect means, either by broken light or shadows. 5. The speaker will wear animal skins to disguise himself. This is quite possibly a strong reference to tribal dances, found deep in the darkness of the African jungles. The corrupt, hollow man will disguise himself in a cannibalistic tribe. 6. In a “whimper” of fear, ironically, the world will end. This extremely non-climactic end just proves how hopeless Elliot feels. This is the lowest moral shown in the poem, as the speaker explains how the end of the world is not a terrible event but one that was long predicted....
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