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wk3 journal assign. - medication and allergy information....

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This week I worked mostly with Val. I had a good week this week. I was able to do some blood draws and all but one was successful draws. I am becoming more and more confident with each week that passes. I did my typical routine of weighing the patients, putting them in a room, checking there vitals and writing down the CC. I have also had to put in new patients, which means I had to fill out all new forms and getting the patients history, their family history and the
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Unformatted text preview: medication and allergy information. I’ve been entering patient into the EMR. I also drew up some flu shots to keep up the stock and did some filing. Friday I got to see skin-tag removals. I have been extremely tired this week but I kept pushing because the time is flying and I know it will be over soon....
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