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W1A2 - gas use electricity to power up out desk top PCs or...

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W1A2 In order to invest in something that is worth the time to invest, you must spend the currency to do so. My argument is to decrease our dependency on oil and invest in more of a eco-friendly route in the wind mills and solar panels. This route is a very expensive dependency, which means our means of funds must bring in an effective budget. Many think of devoting our hard earned tax dollars to alternative sources of energy are too expensive, but the thought of these gas prices make me think, “what more expensive, the gas prices or the altering our power source to decrease these gas prices”? Every individual uses one of many sources of energy during their respective day to day routines. Within these routines, we drive long distances. While driving we may have to fill up for
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Unformatted text preview: gas, use electricity to power up out desk top PCs, or even charge our cell phones. All of these forms of energy are an expensive source. Various citys, states or even countries have experimented with this theory of the use of natural energy versus the dependency of oil-base sources. In most cases; the most expensive route (to start) usually comes out to be a great investment because of the less costs of expenses. What I can do personally to overcome those hindering thoughts I to accept what we have, and that is extremely high expenses and to budget my expenses like normal. Going about my days with those hindering thoughts wont necessarily bring the prices down, so as of right now I can cope with having the high expensed power bills, and gas prices....
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