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W1 Assignment: Climate Change in the Pacific Islands In this particular study, The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services has been collaborating an observational study with the Pacific Islands (i.e. Hawai’i, American Samoa, and Ofu). Within these three major Pacific Islands lie a high percentage of the worlds more rare and exotic wildlife and fish. These collaborations are aimed at assessing historic climate trends and promoting the development of regional climate models that will aid in estimating future climate conditions in these Pacific Islands. Climate change presents Pacific Islands with unique challenges including rising temperatures, sea-level rise, and contamination of freshwater resources with saltwater, coastal erosion, an increase in extreme weather events, coral reef bleaching, and ocean acidification. Projections for the rest of this century suggest continued increases in air and ocean surface temperatures in the Pacific, increased frequency of extreme weather events, and increased rainfall during the summer months and a decrease in rainfall during the winter months. The major issues with climate change due to global warming are the changes in ENSO
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