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Slide 4 notes - a bicycle for years but when your nephew...

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Slide 4 notes: You smell a particular antiseptic, and the memory of a hospital stay comes flooding into your consciousness, even though you haven't thought about that event for years. At a high school reunion, the sight of a former classmate who was in your chemistry class brings back a memory that you didn't know was there. At a party, people start singing songs from the early 90’s and you remember most of the words to songs you haven't sung for 10 or more years. You haven't ridden
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Unformatted text preview: a bicycle for years, but when your nephew asks if you can ride, you climb on his new bicycle and soon are showing him how to perform a “wheelie.” You ask yourself, “How did that happen?” You can thank your long-term memory for these memories you are able to hold onto from minutes to decades. Without it, you would be unable to learn or profit from experience. Life would be a moment-to-moment occurrence...
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