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last lecture - • E site o Exit • P site o Peptidel •...

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The base uracil substitutes for thymine during base pairing Uracil is a pyrimidine and base-pairs with adenine (purine) Purine o Adenyne o Guaynine Transcription o The production of messenger RNA DNA templates o Sense, 5’ c g a 3’ o CDNA 3’ g c t 5’ Replication o mRNA 5’ c g a 3’ transcription o tRNA 3’ g c u 5’ translation o protein AUG – methionine – start codon UAG, UAA, UGA – stop codon DNA helicase – dna being unwound Topoisomers o Stop from knotting Translation requires ribosomes Upstream o Towards the 5’ to 3’ Downstream o Towards the 3’ to 5’ Promoters Leader sequence o Tells ribosome where to bind Ribosomes pair tRNA anitcodon and mRNA codon
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Unformatted text preview: • E site o Exit • P site o Peptidel • A site o Amino acid • Spliced o Excised o Removed • mRNA o Soecufues the amino acid sequence of a protein • tRNA o Adapter molecule • rRNA o Structural and catalytic roles in ribosomes • Genes o A gene is a nucleotide sequence that carries info to rRNA • Mutations o Chromosomal o Point mutations Base substitution without effect Missense nonsense o Frameshift ( changes in 1 or 2 bases) changes the way the nucleotides are read • http://www3.fhs.usyd.edu.au/bio//proteinsynthesis/introduction.htm •...
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