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lab 7 - Saimani Kumar 11554210 ECEL 303 062 Prelab 7...

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Saimani Kumar 11554210 ECEL 303- 062 Prelab 7: Procedure for Lab 8 Part 1: Free Running Oscillator .................. Equation 1 To = 1/Fo Measure the frequency when for RB=RA= 10k and compare with equation 1 Then vary Ra i. Compare measured frequencies of output with equation 1 ii. Plot RA vs. frequency iii. Observe the affect of varying RA on duty cycle Using the decade box, vary R A and R B individually from 100Ω to 10kΩ in logarithmic steps. Obtain capacitors from approximately 1nF to 10μF, and test the circuit with each capacitor value. For each variance of resistance or capacitance, note the frequency and duty cycle. Plot the output frequency vs. resistance and capacitance. Part 2: DC Sweep VCO equation …………Equation 2
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Saimani Kumar 11554210 ECEL 303- 062 Figure 2: Frequency Sweep Circuit Diagram Reset all circuit element values to their defaults . Remove short between pins 7 and 8 Attach a DC supply to pin 8 RA = RB = RC = 10 kΩ and CT = 3.3nF Sweep DC source (VCC) at pin 8 from 15V(0.75V CC ) to 20 V in 1 V steps (2/3)VCC + 2 ≤ Vsweep ≤ VCC 1.
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