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HW2 - ECEC-353 Systems Programming Solution set for...

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ECEC-353: Systems Programming Solution set for Homework 2 Prof. Naga Kandasamy, ECE Department, Drexel University July 21, 2011 Problem 5.1. Given n processes, there are n ! ways of scheduling them on a single CPU. Problem 5.2. Preemptive scheduling allows a process to be interrupted in the midst of its execution, taking the CPU away and allocating it to another process. Non-preemptive scheduling ensures that a process relinquishes control of the CPU only when it finishes with its current CPU burst. Problem 5.3. (a) 10.53, (b) 9.53, and (c) 6.86. Since turnaround time is finishing time minus arrival time, we must subtract the arrival times to compute the turnaround times. 1
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Problem 5.12. 2
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Problem 5.13. Shortest job first and priority-based scheduling algorithms could result in starvation.
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