MGT223H5S - Course Outline_2010

MGT223H5S - Course Outline_2010 - MGT223H5S COURSE OUTLINE...

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Unformatted text preview: MGT223H5S COURSE OUTLINE Page 1 of 8 COMMERCE PROGRAM D EPARTMENT OF M ANAGEMENT U NIVERSITY OF T ORONTO M ISSISSAUGA MGT223H5S - MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING I Course Outline Winter 2010 Class times and locations L0101 Tuesday 11AM - 1PM CC 3150 L0201 Tuesday 3PM - 5PM CC 2130 Tutorial times and locations T0101 Thursday 3PM 5PM CC2130 T0201 Thursday 3PM 5PM CC2150 Instructor contact information Minlei Ye,, (905) 828-5443 The best way to contact me is by e-mail. I check e-mails regularly. Office Hours and Location Tuesdays 2 - 3PM & 5 - 6PM KN 226 Teaching Assistant Matthew Rodgers, Nancy Truong Web Site Required text Garrison, Chesley, Carroll, Webb, Managerial Accounting, Eighth Canadian edition, 2009, McGraw-Hill Ryerson. Textbook website: MGT223H5S COURSE OUTLINE Page 2 of 8 COURSE DESCRIPTION Covers conceptual and analytical foundations of cost accounting and uses of accounting by management. Cost concepts for product costing and decision making provide an understanding of the uses of accounting information by management. Costing and control concepts are analyzed to equip students with tools for establishing costing systems and to make decisions. Management accounting is a field in transition, moving from a procedural focus to a strategic focus on the use of accounting information to facilitate the success of the organization for manufacturing, service, governmental, and not-for-profit organizations. A principal motivation for the change in management accounting is the changes in business processes and organizations, in response to increased global and domestic competition. These changes include a renewed focus on the customer, aggressive cost reduction, outsourcing, rightsizing and reengineering, total quality management, advanced manufacturing technologies, and increased use of information technologies. The management accountant is no longer just a reporter and analyzer of financial information, but a business partner developing the financial and non-financial information the organization needs to be successful. As such, the management accountant plays a strategic role in the business, developing and presenting the information that is critical for the organizations success. This is an integrative role, which requires the management accountant to understand the organizations strategy, and to understand how both financial and non-financial information is developed across all the management functions. COURSE OBJECTIVES The primary objective of this course is to enable you to make effective use of management accounting data. A secondary objective is to develop the analytical skills necessary to diagnose complex business problems in an accounting context....
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MGT223H5S - Course Outline_2010 - MGT223H5S COURSE OUTLINE...

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