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Theory and practice of using magnets. Practice more advanced. Ancient greeks knew about the power of magnets to attract bits of iron but chinese discovered directive property of magnet. Needle points North. Chinese knew about it around 1100. Italian sailors had learned it through arab sources. Good example of natural magic. Powers in nature that you could seek to exploit. Often presented in magical rights to produce this effect. Important that they talk about it pointing towards the North star. Not something about the Earth that is effecting the magnet. Axis where the earth is spinning is at the north pole but for them they thought that it was the axis that the heavens were spinning around. They think of it as a celestial influence. fits with astrological motions. Influence of celestial pole. Think of it as the North Star. The Magnetic North seemed to align closely with celestial north. Man in 13th century Peter the wanderer. He wrote a remarkable letter on the
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