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5 - property He lures keeper in by offering some of this...

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Kepler in 1590's is intent on breaking down the division between hypothetical cosmology and real astronomy. He wants to find the actual structure of the universe. Needs best observations available to prove not just a beautiful idea but the way God built it. He uses Tycho's measurements. He wanders around central europe looking for a patron. he convinced rudolph the 2nd who was the emporer of the holy roman empire. He was eventually ousted by his brother but was a great patron of the arts and scientist. Kepler saw this as divine providence to bring tycho from denmark to Prague. in 1600 Kepler was corresponding with Tycho and moves to prague and goes to work as one of his many assistance. Tycho sees that keeper is an extremely talented mathematician. He wants someone like keeper to be the man who can work out the mathematics of the titanic system like the almagest. He thinks he can recruit Kepler to do that. Kepler is a copernican. Tycho wants keeper to work on the titanic system. Tycho has lots of information that are his special
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Unformatted text preview: property. He lures keeper in by offering some of this information. Kepler goes to work as one of his assistance and tycho dies. Kepler takes his place as scientist for the ruler. Kepler had been assigned to solve the motion of mars. Its motions were the most variable Hard to fit with epicycles and eccentrics. Kepler says he can solve it in 8 days and then 8 years later he has a solution. Any of the other planets you can fit the motions of the other planets just using perfect circular motion. The motion of mars is more elliptical. Kepler published his findings in the Astronomia nova "new astronomy." Said it was based on causation. Not just mathematical, but had causes. He identified the sun as the moving agent. He's thinking about the sun thats at the center and is a kind of motor of the planetary system. The sun is the largest, its glowing, providing heat and light and motion. Galileo discovers sun turning on axis reinforces this idea as sun is the driving wheel of the sun....
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