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7 - died in 1630 he had accomplished a lot He had changed...

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In 1627 he completed the dudolphine tables. In these tables they were a replacement for earlier theories based on ptolemy and copernicus. You could calculate th epredicted locations based on keepers model. If you compare it quantitatively it is an enormous improvement. The table had a large observational fit. The frontispiece was the temple of astronomy. Keplers version of history of astronomy with main characters including himself.He designed it to show his contribution and how things fit together. The pillars that hold up the temple, pillars get nicer as they get newer. Ptolemy's old, copernicus and tycho new. this is interesting in showing kel=plers view of astronomy as a cumulative enterprise. He is trying to bring it to completion. There have mythological goddesses that show mathematics, geometry, the study of triangles, magnetism, and optics. Optics 1627 galileo had created the telescope and become a vital tool. Kepler
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Unformatted text preview: died in 1630. he had accomplished a lot. He had changed the traditional belief of perfect circles. Copernicus had introduced heliocentrism and its really when keeper combines it with tychos improved observations that it takes off. Kepler brought together astronomy and cosmology. Copernicus also thought he was talking about the real structure but keeper is really making he point that cosmology is the real structure of the heavenly bodies. contemplating TRUE form. He thinks astronomers should be talking about the real structure of the world. The next steps that keeper only started on was developing a physics of motion that would make a moving earth plausible. If you are going to accept the new astronomy you need a new physics of motion. It is galileo that takes the most important steps to providing this. Why do the planets move in an elipses?...
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