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9-14-2011 What led to Copernicus’s theory? What defines a good theory? -a good explanation of an appearance (ie astronomy) or an explanation of how something works (ie cosmology), or even both. Ptolemy’s models used epicycles, eccentrics (uneven circles), and equants to describe the motions of the planets. This bothered Copernicus. Copernicus believed that the equant was “cheating” and was a sign of corruption (innovation) of late antiquity. Copernicus’s life - Grew up in Poland but studied in Italy. He went back to Poland after studying in Italy. - c. 1510, he formulated “Commentarioles” which objects the equant proposal (Copernicus) Copernicus can be considered conservative in that he wanted also to go back to what the ancients knew. - In 1543, he published his big book titled- _____ o Why the large time gap since his last publication? He found it difficult to explain everything. He started with a simple projection but had to actually reintroduce an epicyclic theory. Copernicus was concerned with how the unlearned would
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