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His story is one of most famous of scientific revolution. Galileo and the church is the most dramatic story. Details of his work with telescope aren't as widely understood. Galileo discovered new worlds in the heavens. He was often compared to a new columbus who was open to new worlds. Galileos discoveries really put a stop to the idea that the ancients knew everything. These dramatic discoveries contributed to a progressive view of things. People believed human knowledge would expand and improve over time. His telescope is a symbol for
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Unformatted text preview: the new era because it is an instrument that expands human senses. It shows something new unlike tychos that just allow you to measure things. Galileos show the unseen and incensed. our understanding of the world is determined on how we are able to sense it, to see it. If we had different senses like magnetic or electric we would have a different view on how the world works. His instruments expand our senses....
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