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Galileo named the moons to jupiter after people in the medicci family. the mediccean stars. gift exchange model. Names the heavenly bodies for the gand duke's family and expects patronage in return. Some position and recognition. They are hesitant at first to accept this gift because they want to determine they are real. His claim to fame is that he is the only one who has these telescopes so he distributes a few of these telescopes to prove that there are the moons. They were concerned that it was an optical illusion. By 1610 it is confirmed that they are real and cosmos accepts the gift and appoints Galileo to his court. Galileo was originally going to name them the cosmochian stars. Galileo wanted to make it clear that it was for cosmo guy. Not for the cosmos. All of this paid of handsomely for galileo and moved from pad to florence. he was then the mathematician and philosopher to the grand dukes court. He felt pressure to keep delivering and is famous thought europe
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Unformatted text preview: for discovering new worlds throughout the heavens. Galileo feels that cosom might lose confidence with him and keeps trying to make discoveries. 1609-1613 are the most important of galileo's discoveries. He did find that there were appendages near saturn but didn't really identify it as rings. Galileo definitely identifies that there is something weird about saturn. He found also that if you look at the sun, then he could see there were spots on the sun. Him and his protege developed a method where they projected the image of the sun onto paper. they found the spots on the sun and they move. Galileo isn't the first to see sunspots but he got caught up with another astronomer who said he discovered them first. SOme said that the sun was spinning on axis, other said it was moons, because no one wanted to admit that their may be imperfections on the sun....
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