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15 - Galileo and the church His conflict with the catholic...

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Galileo and the church His conflict with the catholic church is one of the most dramatic. After galileo gets to florence, galileo begins to aggressively promote copernicanism. He starts saying its true and he will show it. Beofre florence he just presented idea. His relationship with the church is showing tradition vs. science. He was forced to kneel and renounce his belief that the earth moves. What does it really mean? COntext: Reformation and counter reformation in the 16th century. Catholic churches response and council of trent which established catholic church doctrine. Was a strict doctrine. They tighten up discipline and the mechanism for moving out heresy within the church. Has nothing to do with copernicanism and galileo but it is the world in which it is in. The jesuit order is founded (Society of jesus) and they became the intellectual troops of the counterreformation. Said aims of reformation disciplined and used modern tools of learning, were leading schoolmasters, set up schools. That became the center
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