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Unformatted text preview: SOme groups were tight with aquinas and his ideas of intellectualism. His 1st trouble started with aristotilian philosopher who accused him of heresy. He sees it as they are made he embarrassed them. If you lose the argument then accuse your opponent of heresy. Some oh his aristotilian philosophers accuse him and copernicanism of violating scripture. Some dominicans in florence were some of the 1st churchmen to enforce them. The important accusation havened in december 1613. His apprentice castelli had been appointed to teach. They are in piza talking about how things are going. The grand duke and his mother, who was known to be religious and skeptical of galileos ideas, Christina asks him if the ideas of the earth moving are in violation of scripture. Castelli is a priest, and says he played the theologian and showed why it was not in violation of scripture. Galileo is concerned that his patrons are questioning his piety. he writes a letter to castelli where he lays out his views on patrons are questioning his piety....
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