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Galileo still had important backers in the church such as Barberini. he was later pope urban the 8th. he was friendly with galileo and supported him in many ways. One point barberini made was an ossiander like point was that god could have done it another way. If he can make it all look like the earth is going around the sun without it actually going around the sun. In the spring of 1615, foscerini a theologian published a pamphlet that showed
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Unformatted text preview: copernicanism didn't violate scripture. First they think it was a good thing but then find that the church can press of foscerini and send a message to galileo. This is all refered to by bellermine he was the greatest figure of the counter reformation and in the letter to fosterini he shows why copernicanism is not consistent with scripturee as was declared at trent. They banned copernicuss book and fostering books Banned...
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