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In the middle of the 17th century a lot of things are coming together. Pascall building on the work of others had worked out ideas and done experiments on barometers. The mercury that originally sealed the tube falls and stands at sea level just under 30 inched high. What holds the water up? Pascall sets out to test tis experimentally. Pascall is trying to produce phenomenon that is new and unfamiliar. New experiments on the vacuum in 1647. Pascall tended to talk about experiments like galileo, not a lot of specifics. He talks about what happens vs. what happens in general. Not on this day at this time ball fell at this rate. Just now talking about it in a specific wy. Pascall has a tendency to talk about generalities in what happens as a general rule. He doesn't describe actual situations he just says what would happen. Its an important transition to where people start telling particular accounts of a phenomenon. This is to test the idea that the barometer works by the pressure of the air.
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