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22 - Descartes French Philospher Most important in history...

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Descartes: French Philospher. Most important in history of western phl. He is looked to as the 1st modern philosopher as opposed to ancient and mideival. Did contributions to mathematics and physics. His greatest effect came with philosophy. he claimed to lay out a method of reason that could find the truth and be done with inconclusive wrangling. He was critical of scholastic philosopher who weren't getting at the trth, just wrangling with words. He wants to provide a new philosophy. He was the father of Rationalism, complete reliance on reason as a path to truth. In his version that included mind body dualism. He had a strong commitment to the mechanical philosophy. The particles have no properties but size shape and motion just one thing hitting another. He had an ambitious program, sees aristotelian as gone, isn't productive. There were alternatives but he sees them as even worse. He is worried by the rise of excessive skepticism. He had a number of important thinkers who said they cant really know anything. One of the responses people had to not being really sure was that people
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