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23 - Descart wanted his system of philosophy to explain the...

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Descart wanted his system of philosophy to explain the workings of the entire natural world. It shoal explain the workings of everything. Descart began to write up his ideas in 1630. he writes a book called "The world" he's ready to bring it out and publish it when he hears about galileos troubles in rome. He is worried that he will get in trouble. He sees a heliocentric universe as essential to his philosophy. He wasn't worried about being in personal danger, yet he wants his phl to replace aristotelian in jesuit colleges. If he is propounding an overtly copernican theory it wont work. He withdraws limon from the press. He makes a shift to emphasizing his methods instead of emphasizing his conclusions. Te idea was that people will see the strength of his methods they will be lead to the same conclusion. He softens the copericanism and say its moving but not moving…. in 1637, he publishes Discourse on method. This became an influential work. His most influential work, principles of philosophy, lays out
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