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not a discovery that the word is mechanical, but is a philosophic certainty. He extended his mechanical program to animals and people. He divides mechanical hypothesis of the workings of things in the human bodies. No necessary intervention of a conscious mind, just mechanical. No essential difference between dog and watch, just elaborate mechanisms. Humans, also have conscious minds. Animals just respond mechanically to stimuli. He had a daughter, Francine. He became attached to her and then she died before her 6th birthday. Legend says he carried around a life-size doll of her… probably not true. Humans by their use of language and reason show that they are ore than machines. In humans there is mind and matter. They are connected in some way. His answer to this is that their is something in the head that connects the two. Everything in the physical world is just dead rocks. Everything there is in the world is just dead matter that moves around and hits each other. This is not a
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Unformatted text preview: new idea. Descartes build this idea up as the big alternative to aristotelian natural phl. Its a view of the world in which the world is intelligible to the human mind. It is fundamentally so simple, just particles of matter. It can be completely understood with the tools of geometry and mathematics. It was an immensely powerful idea that was attractive to many people. Mind and matter might be completely split up from each other. No serration of living and dead things, all on one basis, mechanical. All made up of the same stuff. has a unified approach to everything in the physical world. Everything is intelligible to the human mind. Everything could be understood. You could understand everything down to the ultimate level. It might be hard in practice to do it but in principle it all makes sense. In the true philosophy one believes everything is mechanical nd if you don't believe this then we can never understand physics. Methodological principle....
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