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Descartes believes the world MUST be purely mechanical, only way for it to be understandable. This was very attractive to people in the 17th century. Things eventually work out. Descartes and his early followers regard the laws of mechanics as deductions from principles about how things must be. Descartes says you don't have to do a bunch of measurements, you find them out by thinking hard about how they must be. He thought he would find the laws of impact by thinking hard about what must be the properties of matter. A piece of matter cannot act on another at a distance because it has know mind. The only thing is responds to is that it just got hit. Somethings got to give. Descartes needs laws of impact to make his whole system works. There are 7 of them. Unfortunatly these laws contradict each other. Descartes thought his laws were fine and thought they were the only true laws. In his other works he goes on to base everything on these laws of motion.
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