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The Scientific Revolution of the 17th century HIS 322D — 39255 Prof. Bruce J. Hunt Fall 2011 GAR 2.106 232–6109 GAR 0.102, MWF 11–12 MW 3:30–4:00, F 10–11 [email protected] Short paper assignment: Galileo on science, scripture, and truth Write a 3-page essay (double-spaced; about 700–900 words), due at the start of class on Wednesday, Oct. 12, analyzing and evaluating the arguments Galileo made concerning science, scripture, and truth in his “Letter to Castelli” (1613) and his Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina (1615). You may frame your essay however you like, so long as you address the principal arguments Galileo made on these issues. Whatever approach you choose, you may find it useful to consider the following points: In his Letter to Christina , Galileo declared that “in disputes about natural phenomena one must begin not with the authority of scriptural passages, but with sense experiences and necessary demonstrations” ( The Essential Galileo , p.116). Why, and in what
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