2222222222222 - This journal explains the day that we had...

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This journal explains the day that we had to read about Frederick Douglass (9-20-11). My understanding about his Autobiography is that the slavery was a big part of the 1800’s to 1850’s. From Frederick Douglass’ autobiography the reader gets a first person point of view from the eyes of a slave on how the effects of slavery changed slaves and slaveholders. With Douglass’ growth of knowledge, he no longer sees black and white but the world around him and how slavery plays a role on religion and literacy. The start of Douglass’ autobiography begins with explaining how he was born without having an accurate knowledge of his age. He gives a brief background of his family and himself, on how he is a mulatto and never really knew his mother since they got separated after his birth and at her death he showed the same emotions for the death of a stranger; so his grandmother took care of him until he was seven. He then goes into the slave system on how the whole operation works. For him, he is apart of a huge plantation called the “Great Farm House” by the slaves. small farms surrounded the great plantation. On one of the smaller farms Douglass got his first view of how cruel slavery was when his aunt was whipped by his master, Captain Anthony. He lives here from birth until the age of seven, he sees different overseers and tells of their accounts of either being demons released from hell that lived to whip slaves or ones that did their job because it was a job. Douglass’s job while on 1
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2222222222222 - This journal explains the day that we had...

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