Arabic science - theology • Roman empire collapses...

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Romans added very little to the scientific environment, there wasn’t a lot of progress. Important people from this period – Galen (Greek, but lived in Rome) Work done in period, work of synthesis, drawing things that have been done before and organizing Rise of mystery religions – cult of Isis, Mythras, Christianity o Mythras – astronomical aspects, neo-Pythagorean Saint Augustin – trained as Greek philosopher, but sided with Christian religion against science Science and natural philosophy could be beneficial but were secondary to
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Unformatted text preview: theology • Roman empire collapses separates into latin west and greek east Boethius – preserve learning, Greek philosophical works (plato, Aristotle) • Most of ancient greek learning loses its access, although survives in Byzantium • Scholars helped spreading Greek learning, extremely harsh disputes of knowledge (what doctrines are that people are supposed to follow) Islamic Arabs sweep out of Arabian peninsula, in 762 Baghdad founded and people fostered the knowledge of Greek and other learning...
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