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Mechanical Clocks and Eyeglasses – both of which invented in medieval ages Valued magnetic compass, exploiting a mysterious power in nature o Can use anywhere, don’t have to understand the cause of magnetism to use a magnet Bacon – put one piece of matter next to another one, and then we let nature take its course Don’t need to know ultimate causes in order to do things Magic in two ways Stage tricks – just fooling people, not really doing anything Supernatural forces o In Bacon’s time – natural magic Using special knowledge to manipulate natural things “Special technology” Meaning of magic has changed, much different today “Produce marvelous and unusual kind, the reason that escapes ordinary comprehension” Alchemists aimed to use effects to produce things they wanted, use the powers within nature to produce marvelous transformations and effects.
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Unformatted text preview: Bacon – natural magic is about know-how rather than inner knowing, close to technae Had found real effects, but were buried under a bunch of mumbo jumbo, bacon’s job was to extract information • Also had a bunch of trade secrets that had not been studied in a while • Wanted to turn to both alchemists and special traders One of greatest advantages to experimental production approach was you didn’t have to be a genius to do it, anyone could add to it Bacon – if he gave people the means, anyone could do it The New Atlantis – published 1623-24, never finished it, became one of his best known works, short, became template for how one ought to do scientific write up • Written in form of utopian society, tells story of group of Englishman in pacific, come across an island Bacon wanted to restore human knowledge to what it was before the fall...
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