exam 3 notes 322D - Academies Accademia dei Lincei founded...

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Academies Accademia dei Lincei: founded in Rome in 1603 by Federico Cesi. It focused on natural history and Galilean physics. Disbanded in 1630 after the death of Cesi Accademia del Cimento: founded in 1657 in Florence by Prince Leopold Medici. Focused on experimentation. Broke up in 1667 Royal Society of London: founded in 1660 and still exists today. Founded by English Baconians. Academie Royale des Sciences: founded in Paris in 1666 and still exists today. Group of elite professionals. Has expert consultants and ornaments of the court. Scientific Journals Philosophical Transactions launched in 1665 by Henry Oldenburg. Reported the work of the Royal Society of London. Focused on Baconian experimentation Journal des Scavans launched in 1665 in Paris Acta Eruditorum founded in 1682 in Leipzig Robert Boyle (1627-91) Followed Bacon in emphasizing observable “matters of fact” After reading that Otto von Guericke created an air pump, Boyle and assistant Robert Hooke built an improved one They conducted air pump experiments involving fire, sound, and light. From these experiments determined the formula called “Boyle’s Law” which stated that pressure times volume equaled a constant. His experiments counted as scientific evidence However, Thomas Hobbes believed his experiments didn’t reveal the true inner nature of things. Boyle agreed and said the effects and properties of objects is all we can achieve Robert Hooke Contributed to many areas of science and technology Mechanical philosopher Assistant to Robert Boyle in the 1650’s; later a “curator of experiments”, during which he
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exam 3 notes 322D - Academies Accademia dei Lincei founded...

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