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HIS 322D EXAM2 - KEPLER Kepler was a follower of the...

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KEPLER Kepler was a follower of the ancient Pythagorean view that mathematics underlies the patterns of the world. Math is a way to understand God’s thoughts. He broke with theory that heavens had to have perfect circles—the heavens cannot be that much different from earth if they are part of the same universe. Layed the ground work for later physical theories of the heavens Had great success in bringing out mathematical harmonies Best remembered for formulating three laws of planetary motion Mathematics: divine. God’s architecture. Looking at the heavens and trying to figure out what was in God’s mind when he designed it. Other laws: Copernicanism, Lutheran theologian. Argued the sun belonged in the center July 1525—lecturing his class, platonic solids? (I don’t know if kepler was lecturing) http://3quarks.com/en/PlatonicSolids/index.html they provide the spaces between the planets. The spacers between them, according to kepler, that this is how God designed the universe. The nested polyhedra he saw it as a deep link between geometry and the physical universe, and wrote it up in one of the first explicitly Copernican books the second half consists of empirical data? He combines mathematical speculation in the first half with careful attention to the observable data. It matters to him that theories match data. So he needs the best data. Each sphere has thickness to it, because he’s going on Copernican models, and so it was necessary for him to find the distance between the planets to know how thick the shells were. T o When Kepler found measurements that didn’t fit his theories, he didn’t throw out his theory. Especially because he believed it to be so true. Kepler represents that God is all wise and that he would have done it in a beautiful way.. Kepler said that God gave us the minds to understand his creation. Kepler got really excited about the idea of penetrating God’s thoughts. He retained his faith throughout his life. Turned him into an astronomer—he’s a very good mathematical astronomer, and in 1600 joins Tycho and works as his assistant KEPLER Kepler wanted to find the causes of motion, and he identified the sun as a moving agent —not as something that moves around the center, but a kind of motor at the center of the epicycle. Kepler says the sun is the center.
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Kepler looks for evidence to back up his beliefs. Explained the motion of the earth through physical causes, so you must explain them by the same kind of physical causes. Astronomia Nova Kepler writes quite differently from most scientists. He goes through and tells you how he tries to do it in long elaborate accounts, and then says that it didn’t work. (rather than pretending like he knew it all along). Conic sections were well known to the ancients and Copernicus, but Kepler hits on— seeing that the planets speed up and slow down in their off-center orbit. Then he forms the equal area law. Next he tried to find the shape of the orbit—it took him about two years. He knows its some kind of oval, and then noticed it would probably be an ellipse.
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