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HIS 322D November 11, 2011 Today: Isaac Newton (1642-1727): “Never at Rest” “Never at Rest” is an in-depth biography of Newton. He had a really good grasp of scientific concepts. Once Newton has started on a problem, he was obsessive about getting to the bottom of it. Newton was a secretive man – he didn’t share his thoughts and work with other people willingly. He did write down a lot of his thoughts, though. On one hand, he was very arrogant in his belief that he had found the truth and on the other hand was also insecure with arguments of other people that might not appreciate everything he has done (or may think it was wrong and criticize him for it). Galileo and Descartes were generally very welcoming to publishing their results. On the other hand, it was hard to get Newton to publish his works, and if he did, he’d only publish a part of it. It wasn’t doubt for him to hold back (Copernican, though, did hold back because of doubt). Newton was sure he was right. Why did he hold back? Probably a mix of emotions. He did have a possessive arrogance, and a different sense of what motivated him. He didn’t want to shine before the world, but to find the answers. Bio: Born Christmas, 1642 in Woolsthorpe, England. Newton never moved very much – and he never saw the ocean although he was usually about thirty miles away from it. Newton was actually born in 1643 by the Gregorian calendar. (Galileo died right before 1642 – about a year within Newton’s birth) He was born into a town around peasants that weren’t really educated. He was born prematurely and was not expected to live. His father died before he was born. His mother came from a family that had educated people. So, through Newton’s mother, he had educated relatives. When he was three years old, Newton’s mother left the town Newton was born in to marry someone – and left Newton with his grandma. His mother was with her new husband for about 8 years until he died – she then inherited his money. Newton may have had psychological insecurities due to him not having his mother for eight years. He did see his mother and stepfather sometimes, and hated his stepfather. He didn’t say anything about his grandma – and probably was not really connected to her. He was probably a lonely, little boy. After his mother came back, she did bring back some of his
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HIS_322D_Nov_11 - HIS 322D Today Isaac Newton(1642-1727...

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