Iranian Culture - No word for Persia in Iran; Persian Gulf...

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No word for Persia in Iran; Persian Gulf does not belong to Iran Culture – body of customary beliefs, social forms, norms, etc. A nation can have multiple cultures Ferdowsi (940-1010) – wrote the Shahnameh, the longest narrative poem written by one person in history Jalal al Ahmed – can’t be Persian unless you have experienced the Iranian Plateau BCE – BC Iranians define themselves as who they are not often (not arab) Empire ended in 651 Zoroaster lived between 1200 – 1300 BCE Persian-Iranian is not double counting Three eras of Persian language Achaemenid (Old Persian language) Sassanid (Middle Persian language) 7th CE (Neo-Persian); involves the transformation of the Persian language due to script changes from Arab invaders Cyrus releases the Jews, only gentile prophet Persepolis; meaning destroyer of cities lieterally -Place where the throne of Jamshid, a mythical king from the Shahnameh, was. Greeks never beat the Persians until Alexander the Great A revolution means to revolve back to a familiar/ideal state Horses are man’s best friend in Iran, importance of polo -Pre-Islamic horses act as a motif Lions are the king of beasts, fighting with them is akin to practicing for war. The lion-sun image from the Persian flag comes from Turkic people in the 13th century. Became an emblem of Iranianism but really has religious background Shape of buildings put burial sites into heaven; example includes Pasargadae. Heaven is imagined as a garden; an ideal, perfect design to
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Iranian Culture - No word for Persia in Iran; Persian Gulf...

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