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Unformatted text preview: Iranian Culture Take-Home Review Test #2 Tuesday, 22 November 2012, 2 pm Test Subjects: The Words Iran and Iranian No test questions deal with the specifc content oF crossed out items. The Words Persia and Persian A Defnition oF Culture and a Check List oF Cultural eatures/Characteristics/Ideals Iranian History 1: rom the Achaemenids (559330 BCE) through the Sassanids (224651 CE) Zoroastrianism as a Culturally Iranian religion Persepolis as a Culture-specif c Iranian text Iranian History 2: rom the Arab Muslim Invasion (630s CE) to the SaFavids (15011736) Islam and/in Iran The Koran (650s) The Neo-Persian Language (900s ) and Sample Early Persian Poems erdowsi's Shahnameh (1010 CE) as an Iranian Epic and as Iranian National History erdowsi's Story of Sohrab as a Culture-Specif c Iranian T ext Omar Khayyam (10481 131) and Khayyamic Quatrains as Culture-specif c Iranian T exts...
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