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Iranian Stamps 11-8-11 Stamp from the UK – profile queen Elizabeth and Durham cathedral link between royal and church, middle ages to modern time – we will look at Iranian stamps in the same way. Think about what stamps are popular and why they are popular. What live people get to be on stamps? Things are different between Pahlavi monarchy and Islamic republic 100th anniversary of first stamp issued stamp – a stamp to commemorate a stamp – lion and sun motif – 1967 – Pahlavi monarchy instituted a calendar based on Islamic calendar, solar not lunar – lunar is more religious – they have 3 calendars including the western calendar. Made a cultural sense. Iranian equivalent to red cross is the lion and sun organization stamp – money goes to that organization. 1906 revolution: constitutional revolution based on Belgium stamp Pahlavi kings were on stamps – young king – postage of kingdom of series of kingdoms of Iran – traditional Iranian imperial model – a bunch of different kingdoms under one Iranian empire – did not interfere in different kingdoms lives as long they pay taxes and supply warriors – if Pahlavi did this, then so many minority groups would not have been supported overthrowing of shah. Pahlavi saw itself in terms of tradition – their name connected them to the Pahlavi language – Reza shah has feather hat – stamp – instituted no baggy trouser slacks – everyone had to wear suit coats – he had all these medals – there are telephone wires that indicate modern – and this is airmail stamp – airplanes in Iran – French 2nd language of Iran – Train stamp – Pahlavi very proud of train – always left on time – had stop watch in hand and with his son – Reza shah stamp as young man – people who designed the stamps, he has a connection with Islam, military leader, and modern Middle aged Reza – coat and tie with ruins of Persepolis Younger with slicked hair – connected with Safavid empire – Pahlavi had to defend their status as royalty Father and son travel to Persepolis – reminding people they are the modern imperial leaders Stamps with photos from Achaemenid era – Image from Persepolis – reminding the proper relationship of patriarchy Famous tomb of Cyrus stamp – people with education will recognize THESE STAMPS ARE HISTORICALLY DIFFERENT FROM ANY OTHER COUNTRY BECAUSE THESE IMAGES ARE FROM 2500 YEARS AGO. Stamps pay tribute in pre-Islamic era to Parthians – Stamp of famous ruins to Ctesiphon Stamp of Iran Air jet service – acronym spells out homa, which is a mythical bird – which is their symbol – symbol was also in Persepolis – very successful stam Some tribute in pre-Islam era to medieval era – to individual people – as philosophers and poets etc – Persian speakers who carried on the tradition of Iran – Zachariah Razi – Persian scientist – superiority of Iranian culture stamp Later Pahlavi era, internationalist ideas became prevalent – refer back to traditional
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IranianCultureTest - Iranian Stamps 11-8-11 Stamp from the...

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