Journal#1 - First Journal This journal explains the day...

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This journal explains the day that we had to read about Mary Rowlandson (9-1-11). Today is Thursday and I have finished reading the Mary Rowlandson Autobiography. My understanding about her Autobiography is that, she writes about her experience during the weeks she was held captive by Native Indians and her restoration back to her husband. Her journey shows the highs and lows that she endured as well as her strengths and weaknesses. During the trials and tribulations of Mary’s capture, it is evident in her writing how her background affected the way she saw the Natives, how the Natives treated Mary, and how the Natives would see Mary if they were to write about her. When Mary was first taken captive, the Native Indians were very unkind to her. She realized through her background that she had everything that she wanted and now she had nothing. She no longer had a bed to sleep in or a roof over her head. She realized that all the things she had taken for granted were no longer available to her. Her faith in Christianity was strong and kept her alive when she wanted to give up. The Bible that she carried with her helped her get through the days and weeks of her capture. She saw the Natives as heathens and unchristian. Mary was an educated woman and this education helped her survive but also deemed the Natives as uneducated savages. 1
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Journal#1 - First Journal This journal explains the day...

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