Ptolemy - Aristarchus believed earth revolved around sun,...

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HIS 322D Ptolemy Aristotle and Plato – Natural philosophers Astronomy – technical science o Wasn’t concerned with reality of things o Used things no more complicated than a stick Hellenistic Period – Greek influence period o Alexandria – center of science and knowledge, Ptolemy worked here o Sticks in Syene and Alexandria, figured out Earth = 25,000 mi. o 200 BC 300 AD – end of Math’s apex
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Unformatted text preview: Aristarchus believed earth revolved around sun, figured out distance to sun and moon Eudoxus built on Plato (was his student), thought up system to account for retrograde motion o Aristotle adopted Eudoxus model, eventually fell out of favor with astronomers Hipparchus proposes epicycle system Ptolemy really gave a run down on the epicycle theory in the Almagest o Used two other methods: eccentrics off center...
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