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Puritans among the Indians essay

Puritans among the Indians essay - freedom and to escape...

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freedom, and to escape the persecution they had in their homeland of England. Virginians were looked at as greedy and always trying to make a profit. Regardless of why they were there however, they fact remained that both groups needed land. To the Puritan settlers who arrived the New World was land for the taking, land that had no owner. To the Indians of that area all they saw were strangers moving into and taking their home. By the end of the 17 th century there will be an all out war between the Puritans and Indians as the last of their friendly relations fail. Puritans are people who are known for their strict religious values and practices. They believe that there is only one all powerful God and that there should be not much difference between church and state, the laws should be based on biblical teachings. Because of this strict way of life, many viewed bad things that happened to them as God’s will and it being a part of his plan. When a Puritan was captured by an Indian they considered it to be something that God was putting them through as punishment. “During and after his captivity by Indians, the victim pondered how his own experience coincided with God’s plan. A redeemed captive usually saw his ordeal and even the ordeal of his
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